Katana & Chris {Sarayi Palm Cove Wedding Photography}

Zen_140830_154rustic wooden signbeach theme wedding invitation

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Katana and Chris’ Palm Cove wedding was amazing. The rustic seaside motif was perfect for this laid-back and bubbly couple. I loved the DIY spirit of their wedding and how their family and friends got involved in styling it. Everything from the wooden signs, the homespun driftwood arbour that Katana’s family made that morning out of branches they’d found on their walk, to the coral and seashells and the Polaroid selfies that adorned the Sarayi rooftop terrace.


And check out Katana’s unique Maggie Sotero gown! The funky and modern geometric crochet slinky dress made the gorgeous Katana look even more irresistible. :)


A huge shoutout to Natalie from Stella Florist & Gift Gallery, who made the most perfect bouquets and buttonholes and packaged them with such style.


Weddings are as stressful as they are exciting, especially when vendors don’t live up to expectations, deliver the goods late, or when the time just escapes you. But not these two and their bridal party. Even when things didn’t go as planned, they met them with laughs and never once let the small stuff distract them from their day. It was my absolute pleasure photographing such easy-going, happy people. Thanks, guys. Wish the day lasted longer. x