Estelle & Josh {Newell Beach Wedding Photography}


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These two childhood sweethearts were so cute, sweet and in love. Like someone said during one of the speeches that night, Estelle and Josh’s love story was taken straight out of a  Disney fairytale. The amazing bond shared between them could be felt as if it was really a tangible thing you could hold, and that’s truely something special. And it was one of those family affairs filled with friendly, down-to-earth kind souls whom you wanted to keep spending time with and made you forget you were actually working.


What a wonderful day that was. Thank you Josh and Estelle, for letting me into your lives on one of the most special days of your life. Extra thanks to the awesome bridesmaids and the pre-aisle vocal entertainment, and to my wingman photographer Koby whom I absolutely adored not only for your awesome beard but also your mad phone photography skills! xoxo


Venue: Renewell
Caterer: Chriso the personal chef
Baker: Sue Bertuch – Sue’s Sweet Delights Cairns
Estelle’s dress: Custom designed and made by Irene Costa
DJ/Band: Three’s a crowd
Makeup/Hair: Port Douglas Hair and Makeup

Baby George, 13 days young {Cairns lifestyle newborn photography}

lifestyle newborn photography


Back in 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting these two wonderful people and photographing their wedding as they tied the knot on Fitzroy Island. Last week I got a call from an excited new dad, and days later, I got to meet this little guy for a lifestyle newborn session.


George was most adorable with his fleeting happy and sad expressions before falling back asleep in his parents’ and nana’s arms. If only they stay this little for longer.


What an amazingly beautiful family they’ve grown into. My heart is happy looking at these photographs! Love you guys x


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