Earlier this year I was blessed with my first opportunity to document a birth. It was for a community photography project (exhibition date TBA) where we captured life as it happened in 24 hours around Cairns. I was especially glad that I was asked to photograph a scheduled Caesarian. Not only have I never experienced it myself and was curious to witness it, I am a strong advocate that every birth is special. We can’t always choose how a baby will arrive into this world. Our only hope is that he or she arrives safely. A mother by Caesarian birth has to wait longer to hold her baby, and even longer to heal, so I have nothing but the utmost respect for her courage and patience.


I have long wanted to use my documentary photography skills in photographing births, and from this year onwards I am happy to offer this service to families who share the same joy in having these photographs as family keepsakes. It’s such an important part of a family’s journey.


Here is the arrival of baby Jack. <3


cairns birth photographer cairns birth photographer

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