It’s beautiful to watch families grow, and I’m very fortunate to have this job where I am sometimes invited along on the journey.

I met Claudette back when she was a wedding planner and had just Eddie. Fast-forward a few years and she has added two more little guys to the mix. (See our lifestyle newborn session of Master B here.) It’s amazing how fast time flies when we’re all busy taking care of rambunctious rug rats like the ones we both got.

This past summer we managed to squeeze in a fun little photo session to capture the interesting toddler dynamics at their favourite playground. “Their favourite thing to do is throwing rocks!” C texted. “So should I bring a helmet?” I jokingly replied. I definitely should have after nearly having my eye taken out with a pebble, but this shoot was so much fun to do. Even the boys’ grandma got into the water and had fun with us.

The next time we get together again, the boys will probably all be in primary school. Wonder what adventure we’ll go on then for a photo op!

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