Palm Cove Wedding Photographer

Erin and Dylan’s Palm Cove / Ellis Beach wedding was a photographer’s dream! From an elegant unplugged wedding ceremony led by Kylie from Lifetime of Love to a cracker of a beach party under the full moon, everything about this fun and intimate wedding was amazing.

After Erin flew to Cairns from London to organise her wedding and we met for a happy hour session at Edge Hill’s Noa, we both knew that the universe had put us together for all the right reasons. A photographer accidentally double-booking their wedding date was the only reason we’d even met.

With only six months to find another photographer and plan a whole wedding, I’d at least put her mind at ease. She’d warned me that her physicist boyfriend (cue Big Bang Theory jokes) was slightly awkward and was really nervous about getting in front of the camera, and I’d told her not to worry and that I’m used to camera shy couples who hate posing for photos (see more shy couples who had kick-ass photoshoots). Clients often come to me because of their camera shyness in the first place. With me they don’t have to worry about awkward poses; I’m all about genuine moments over fancy epic poses that don’t mean much to the couple.

To be perfectly honest, nervous people make me nervous. But Dylan and I connected as soon as we met and the rest of the day progressed smoothly. It really helps when clients put all their trust in my vision and just focus on having as much fun as possible on their wedding day. It allows me to be more creative and stay true to my style. The three of us ended up having so much fun on location that Erin and Dylan said it was one of the best memories of their big day. It makes a huge difference when couples really get into it and just have fun on their day.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to document your wedding. Thanks again, Erin and Dylan. x

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palm cove wedding photographer

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