This year has flown by even faster than the last. Work has kept me busy and on top of that, I’ve been growing an awesome and rambunctious little boy inside my belly for most of the year. For those who I’ve had the pleasure to photograph this year, you would have noticed my big bump, which is only getting bigger by the day. We are officially on the homestretch at 35 weeks today. Only a few more weeks now until we get to meet our little man in person, and ask him what tunes he’s been dancing to for the last few months. Oh yes, he loves to dance. Day and night. And especially to trance. Quite a groover, like his brother!


I’ve stopped shooting for the rest of the year, in order to get our home and ourselves ready for the baby. It’s been such an amazing year. I got to meet and work with so many beautiful families. Thank you for sharing your love stories and your families with me. Even if it’s just for an hour, or for a day.


Here is me with MY family. We took these ourselves one afternoon as the light was quickly fading. These 3 boys make me the happiest person in the world. xoxo


P.S. The beautifully decorated  belly and hands are thanks to my kind friend Jill at the Henna Temple. x



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