I got to capture so many great moments at Laura and Gavin’s wedding. Laura’s family was wonderful and treated me like one of their guests! I especially loved her nanna, who cried when Laura showed her grandpa’s picture that she had placed inside the locket of her bouquet. The wedding vibes were chill, none of that frenzied anxiety that sometimes gets the better of us before the big hour. The two of them just savoured every moment. They had a blast with their best man and maid of honour between photos, and Laura could not stop smiling.


Zen_160820_0106 Zen_160820_0173laura-gavin-pullman-palm-cove-wedding-1 Zen_160820_0206Zen_160820_0227 Zen_160820_0230 laura-gavin-pullman-palm-cove-wedding-2Zen_160820_0405 laura-gavin-pullman-palm-cove-wedding-3 Zen_160820_0521 Zen_160820_0456Zen_160820_0470-2 laura-gavin-pullman-palm-cove-wedding-4Zen_160820_0528 pullman palm cove wedding Zen_160820_0246 Zen_160820_0274Zen_160820_0290-2 Zen_160820_0297
Zen_160820_0622Zen_160820_0653 Zen_160820_0669 laura-gavin-pullman-palm-cove-wedding-5 Zen_160820_0805-2 Zen_160820_0809Zen_160820_0825-2 Zen_160820_0875 Zen_160820_1026 Zen_160820_1036 Zen_160820_1086 Zen_160820_1123pullman palm cove wedding Zen_160820_1229 pullman palm cove wedding laura-gavin-pullman-palm-cove-wedding-6 Zen_160820_1260 Zen_160820_1374 laura-gavin-pullman-palm-cove-wedding-7 Zen_160820_1474-2 Zen_160820_1495-2 pullman palm cove wedding Zen_160820_1003
Zen_160820_0690 pullman palm cove wedding Zen_160820_1566-2Zen_160820_1582 Zen_160820_1587 Zen_160820_1602 Zen_160820_1613 Zen_160820_1668 Zen_160820_1695 Zen_160820_1723 Zen_160820_1729 Zen_160820_1717 Zen_160820_1716

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