I am photographing a very special wedding in Port Douglas this weekend!

Chris messaged me three years ago to ask for my help planning and photographing his wedding proposal to his girlfriend. Between us there would have been over 100 messages about logistics, locations, and a fool proof plan to photograph his proposal close-up without Erin suspecting anything.

On the day I arrived at Four Mile Beach and assumed my role of a nosey, trigger-happy tourist while Chris played an epic proposal video that he had made with the help of their families and friends. I noticed Erin look at me a couple of times but she didn’t pay much attention especially after Chris got down on one knee and pop the big question! Erin’s reaction was so wholesome and I love that even afterwards she was still too shocked to pick up her phone that was still dangling off the ground. :)

These are the photos of that unforgettable afternoon.

Chris and Erin had no plans to get married straight away and that has worked out well with the pandemic shutting down borders and all. Nearly 3 years on and finally we will get to celebrate this fairytale romance. I am so honoured to have been there to capture this special moment, and then be asked to photograph their wedding at a destination that holds such significance for them. Can’t wait!