This genuinely candid family session at Palm Cove was easily one of my favourite memories to date!

The Chawlas truly loved being together and whatever they did, they just did it with so much joy. I typically don’t like morning sessions for the harsh sunlight, but somehow we got really lucky on this day and even though the sun was out in all its summer glory, there weren’t any heavy shadows on their faces. Tip: bring wide brimmed hats if you’re planning a morning session. They’re a nice accessory and you avoid having racoon eyes.

Natural, fun and relaxed family holiday sessions have become popular these past few years and I’m loving that they are here to stay😍 With Far North Queensland largely untouched by covid and the pandemic, holiday makers have been flocking to the region to get away, breathe fresh air sans masks, and still enjoy their well deserved break from what has ruined international travel for Australians for the foreseeable future.

These sessions can be pre-arranged before your trip, which could make planning the rest of your itinerary easier so you don’t double book your activities. You also give everyone a heads-up so they can pack a nice outfit to coordinate with the rest of the family (this is important if planning an extended family session). Also try to book a week-day session so there are less tourists walking the path under the iconic palm trees.