I am so happy that lifestyle newborn photography is becoming more popular in Cairns. I have offered this service for 7 years and finally parents are moving away from stylised sessions and toward more natural and authentic lifestyle photography to document their journey. 

As a mum myself if there’s anything I take away from the whole experience, it’s that childhood is unique, fleeting and so personal to each family. From the place you choose to bring up your children to the heirloom quilt you wrap them in, but most importantly, it’s the intangible memories that you can’t fully convey to them in words once the moments have passed. The way you hold them, the way you look lovingly at them as they sleep, their chubby rolls that you love to tickle, the smell of them… And that’s why these photos are precious. When they’re old enough to marvel at how small they once were, you will too, because you won’t remember how small they felt in your arms. But hopefully the photos will jot your memory.