I absolutely loved photographing this family at Ellis Beach back at the beginning of the summer. Their daughter Sarah was donating her beautiful long locks to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. Her hair had never been cut, so it was extra special that she was getting the chops for the first time for such a great cause. As a mum I could empathise with her parents’ mixed emotions about saying goodbye to their daughter’s beautiful hair that they had grown so used to seeing and cherishing over the years. Sarah’s mum requested lots of photos that would capture her long flowy hair so that she could look back and treasure it at least in photos long after the chop. I did my best to capture its beauty.

I also loved that they asked their kids to bring their musical instruments to be photographed with. Their kids and mine went to the same school that had an amazing award-winning music program and I loved that they wanted to celebrate their kids’ love for orchestral music by documenting it.

Ellis Beach gave us the best light, blue sea, and cotton candy coloured sunset. It was a magical afternoon.