Why choose a Zen wedding?

Choosing a photographer is one of the most important parts in planning your wedding. And sometimes it doesn’t even come down to the photos. It comes down to the person you can trust and have fun with. I always aim to meet with my clients before the wedding, if possible, and spend an hour or two with them. We drink coffee (or whatever we feel like!), get to know one another, brainstorm photo locations and ideas, and just hang out. On the wedding day you’re already comfortable having me around and we just concentrate on having fun and forget you’re on camera!

I specialise in wedding photojournalism, which means I focus on capturing your day as it happens. My clients typically hate posing, and often they say they’ve chosen me for my natural and low-key approach.

My best work is the result of little posing and a lot of emphasis on feelings.

I understand that one of the happiest days of your life goes beyond the dress, the flowers, the cake, the table settings. You have, of course, prepared all of those things to show how important this day is to you. And you have prepared them with so much love and joy. These beautiful details of your wedding day will not go unnoticed among the guests, nor will they be missed by my camera.

But you have most of all, together, prepared yourselves for an epic journey ahead. To take this step your love for each other must be undeniably powerful. That love, is what I make it my first priority to capture.

Then there are the little in-between moments, the laughs, the way you stare at each other across a room full of people, the private moments you have to yourselves away from the exciting but busy formalities, they’re what make your wedding unforgettable.

I also understand that your wedding is as much about you and your beloved as it is about your family and friends, who have come, sometimes from thousands of miles away. Their presence are blessings that will help you on your journey. Those very important people, are whom I also make it a priority to capture.

Zen weddings

Searching for a wedding photographer is actually very much like searching for the perfect dress. You can feel overwhelmed trying to find you amongst thousands of similar looking gowns from a shop OR you can choose to express your individuality by having your gown tailor-made by a designer.

Think of me as your tailor for your wedding photography.

I will spend time listening to your ideas and vision when we meet for our brainstorming session/consultation. This kind of collaboration will help me understand your expectations on the day.

At least one brainstorming session will be held between the time you book me and the time of your wedding. This meeting can be held in person, on the phone or through an exchange of emails.

On the day, I will photograph your wedding the way it naturally unfolds, the way you’d want to remember it: full of love, laughter and wonderful moments.

Your wedding images will be thoughtfully edited and sensibly enhanced.

Your photographs will be delivered to your door within 4-8 weeks of your wedding day.

Zen albums

Zen albums are special.

They are beautifully handmade by Queensberry, one of the top album makers in the world from New Zealand. Your photos are printed traditionally (silver halide technology) on only premium paper, which guarantees your album to last for over 100 years without any noticeable colour changes.

The Zen experience


Your Zen wedding will be an artistic collaborative process where you’ll get to express your vision. It’s also about trusting my creative input and style. My work suits couples who love natural light photography and are looking for that modern and timeless look and feel to their wedding photographs.

Happy planning, and I look forward to being a part of your very important day. :)