This Fitzroy Island wedding was an adventure and a half!

From ‘the cake incident’, to me getting stung by a hornet as the bride walked down the aisle, to (and this is my favourite of the day) Jo and Najee’s son refusing to wear his suit so his daddy helped him put on a dress to match his sisters (!!!), this was a day to remember for years to come. It takes truly loving parents to celebrate their kids being themselves, even if it means letting them change your wedding day’s plans. If anything, it just made the day better.

Now let’s backtrack to ‘the cake incident.’

When your day starts with a nauseating ferry ride and the first thing you encounter is a wedding guest sitting with the wedding cake with THIS face, so you look inside the box, and you match her expression with an even more confused face, and then you both burst into laughter as you realise this can’t be happening, because WTF is a massive stingray topper doing on a wedding cake? (Even though the groom is in the Navy, the wedding is on an island on the Great Barrier Reef, half of the wedding guests are children and it could very well be to honour their presence, even though …. so many reasons made sense, it still… didn’t?)

When your day starts like that, how can it be anything less of an adventure?

So how did Jo, the bride, react, to the case of mistaken cake topper? Aside from her own WTF moment on the phone? Did she keep the stingray? Did it add to an already eventful day? Scroll through to find out! :)