Esther and Phil’s beautiful country wedding was a special one for me. 8 months ago I photographed Esther’s brother’s wedding, which was an unforgettable day in itself. So what a privilege it was to spend time with this family again!

The wedding took place on the grounds of Freshwater Christian College, with a garden ceremony by the creek followed by a rustic marquee reception on the school ground’s grassy field. The venue was surrounded by a picturesque mountain panorama. I’m surprised more couples haven’t gotten married here. Check out the photos for some venue inspiration if you’re planning a wedding!

There were so many highlights from this day. I especially loved the moments I got to spend with Esther’s parents leading up to the ceremony. They were so full of love for their daughter, and shared with me some special stories about Esther’s birth and childhood.

While on location, we got a fun surprise. Esther and Phil both wanted a paddock backdrop. We found a nice horse paddock with some friendly horses and were just taking photos near them when their owner approached us and offered to lend us a horse for a prop, so of course we said yes! It helped that Esther used ride horses as a kid so she was totally in her element. It was a spontaneous turn of events that made for some really beautiful photographs.

Thank you Esther and Phil for planning such a picture perfect wedding, and for trusting me entirely to do my thing. And a big thank you to your families and friends for being so kind to me, and treating me like one of their guests. Such a blessing to have met you all! <3



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