A family holiday is the perfect time to have a family portrait session. You’re all together in one exotic place, you have virtually zero stress (minus the kids-induced kind of course) nor a schedule to follow, and chances are there are countless gorgeous backdrops right outside your doorstep.

I’ve done a lot of these shoots over the years and have some handy tips if you’re thinking of having a session at your next family reunion:

1) plan it on the same day as when you want to go out for dinner; everyone is already dressed up for it
2) coordinate your wardrobe during the packing stage before you fly
3) don’t have a big day or morning before the shoot especially if you have little ones
4) morning shoots are better for babies, but afternoons provide better light and bigger kids aren’t as rambunctious then ;)
5) play games and be spontaneous with your kiddos! Those moments end up giving your photographer some of the most memorable photo opportunities

The most important piece of advice I have for you might sound like a cliché, but just have fun. Really immerse yourselves in the moment and flow with the sometimes unpredictable moments that come with family photoshoots.

And it may be awkward in front of the camera for a lot of us, but family reunions are so precious, especially during these uncertain times.

See you here ;)